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Our Guarantee

We will do everything possible to ensure you have an enjoyable time!  If for any reason you are not pleased with our service we will offer you up to 50% refund if you contact us directly after the tour.  We offer exceptional customer service in Israel and we are pleased to backup our commitment with this money-back promise!

Ashdod Shore Excursions

The Ashdod port is less than an hour away from one of the most important cities in the world - Jerusalem.  If this is your first visit to Israel then this is a must visit place that you don't want to miss.  Choose to include Bethlehem, the Dead Sea, or the Yad Vashem museum as part of your shore excursion for an unforgettable experience.

For those that have more than one day at port or if you have already visited Jerusalem recently, then you can select a trip to Masada and the Dead Sea or a visit to Israel's West Coast (Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and Caesarea).   The port of Ashdod is wonderfully situated in central Israel making it easy to visit many parts of the country.


Jerusalem Excursions

Jerusalem needs no introductions.  This is a must visit city for first time visitors and we can offer you several options including a combination excursion with a visit to Bethlehem or the fascinatng Dead Sea in the afternoon.


Dead Sea & Masada

Descend to the lowest point on earrth, float at the Salty waters of the Dead Sea, cover yourself in curative mud, and then take a cable car to the Fortress of Masada for an amazing history lesson.

Tel Aviv

Tel-Aviv, Jaffa, Caesarea

See why Tel Aviv is considered one of the best beach cities in the world, visit Jaffa's artistic colony, and learn about the Roman history in the land of Israel.


Nazareth & Galilee

Follow the footsteps of Jesus in the biblical Galilee and visit the Church of the Annunciation, Capernaum, Mount of Beatitudes, Sea of Galilee, and the Jordan River.


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