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We will do everything possible to ensure you have an enjoyable time!  If for any reason you are not pleased with our service we will offer you up to 50% refund if you contact us directly after the tour.  We offer exceptional customer service in Israel and we are pleased to backup our commitment with this money-back promise!

Dead Sea & Masada Excursion

Price: $125 per person

In our small-group tour of 6-16 persons (private tours also available)

  • Any group size welcome - sign up and join others from ship
  • Personal pick-up and drop-off - 100% on time guarantee
  • Full day excursion to Qumran, Dead Sea, and Masada
  • Admissions to sites are extra (payable directly on day of travel)
  • English speaking expert guide for the day
  • Great excursion or money back policy!

Visit the lowest place on earth and travel back in time for a history lesson like no other.

We will meet you as you arrive at the Ashdod port and together will make the drive down to the Dead Sea.  Enjoy a comfortable ride in an air-conditioned van for the 1.5 hour drive to the lowest point on the planet.

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Dead Sea


It is stated that Jesus was baptized along the point where the Jordan River meets the Dead Sea. It's where the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are thought to have been located and it's the site where the Dead Sea scrolls were found - the oldest copies of biblical text! We will start with a visit to Qumran to discover the city where John the Baptist and his followers made their home.

Next its time for a unique sensation that cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world - a float at the Dead Sea.  Change into your bathing suit and take your towel as you head towards the salty waters of this unique place, and follow it up with some great photos to take home as you cover yourself in curative muds.  

We will then make our way to the Fortress site of the Jewish Zealots - Masada.  We will ascend by cable car to the top of the mountain to visit the ruins and enjoy the great panoramic views.  Enjoy a unique experience learning about the story of the Zealots while you are standing at the place where it all took place!

Our rates are unbeatable and our tours are conducted in small intimate groups for a better experience.  Please use the short form below to contact us for your specific dates and we will be happy to email you more information.


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