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Dead Sea & Masada Shore Excursion

Explore the lowest place on earth


Visit Dead Sea and Masada!

Visiting the Dead Sea and Masada is only really feasible from the Ashdod port.  If you wish to discover the lowest place on the planet - join us from the Ashdod port for a high-quality personal guided trip.


Floating in the Dead Sea is a sensation that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world.  Beyond the mandatory float, there are soothing mud and sulphur baths which you can indulge in along the shores of one of the most mystic places on earth.


It is stated that Jesus was baptized along the point where the Jordan River meets the Dead Sea.  It's where the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are thought to have been located and it's the site where the Dead Sea scrolls were found - the oldest copies of biblical text!  Visit Qumran and discover the city where John the Baptist and his followers made their home.


And then there is Masada... - a solitary monolith rising from the desert .  The fortress where Jews martyred themselves rather than become slaves to the Roman Empire.  Masada is a UNESCO world heritage site.


There are also wonderful hikes around the Dead Sea area, including in Ein Gedi which has refreshing pools, endangered animals, and ancient sites within its National Park.


On our shore excursion you will be able to spend as much time as YOU want in the places YOU want to see.  Our tours are flexible and enjoyable.


Also - we offer an exclusive shore trip which allows you to combine a visit to the Dead Sea (without Masada) with a tour of Jerusalem - all in one full day of travel.


To get a price via email and to check availability - please use the short form below.  There is no need for payment details and you can choose to pay AFTER the tour is done and you are back at the port.


We will email you prices and availability very shortly.



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The Dead Sea


Mineral waters of the Dead Sea


Reading in the water


Floating in the salty waters



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